“Wellbeing is more than pleasant feelings. It is a positive and sustainable condition that allows individuals, groups, organisations and nations to thrive and flourish. It encompasses resilience, which is the ability to develop and thrive in the face of adversity or the ability to bungy jump through life.” (Andrew Fuller)

At St Francis our Wellbeing Plan is a pro-active approach to ensure we work towards developing a calm and safe environment for all members of the school community.

We are committed to creating and maintaining a caring school where all are valued and possess a sense of belonging. Further to this, we seek to play our part in helping our students become contributing members of society. The development of important skills and attitudes will serve them in every area of their lives.

As a school community, we strive to respond with sensitivity to the academic, social and cultural diversity of our students and their families.

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Positive Behaviour Intervention and Supports (P.B.i.S)
Care Team
Student Leadership
Weekly PBiS Blitz

Through the explicit teaching of lifelong learning principles, social and emotional intelligences, and the principles that underpin our Religious Education Program we aim to assist students to:

  • Establish healthy relationships
  • Make responsible and ethical decisions
  • Recognise and manage their emotions
  • Set positive goals
  • Meet personal and social goals, and develop coping skills to deal constructively and effectively with life’s challenges