Senior School Learning Community

St Francis is committed to providing a senior school learning community built around the principles of personalised learning.  Our senior school environment engages our students and give them independence and flexibility in their learning. We believe that students should be able to learn in teams, collaboratively, as a class, a whole community or independently.  We believe that students should be able to share learning experiences with their classmates and the wider community.

Personalised Learning

Our personalised learning program is based on the expectation that all students can learn to high standards, provided the appropriate conditions are created. It involves a commitment to identify each student’s learning needs and then designing appropriate teaching strategies so all students can achieve high standards.

Our one-to-one Laptop program supports our commitment to personalised learning. Our use of technology in teaching and learning aims to expand the learning environment beyond the walls of the classroom, to give students the capability to collaborate, share information and experiences and take control of their learning in ways not previously possible.

Our senior school learning program provides every student access to his or her own laptop computer in a wireless environment. It allows students to learn at their own pace and ability levels. Learning initiatives involving technology have gained momentum worldwide, and are increasingly seen as a key to transforming education and better preparing students to succeed in a global world.

Our senior school teachers are committed to discovering and nurturing individual talents, as well as identifying and addressing gaps in knowledge and skills.  Our program aims enhance student motivation and engagement. Students become engaged in learning when the experience matches their needs. Educational experiences stimulate student interest and result in success then this engenders further motivation. This is further enhanced because students have an active voice in the personalised learning process.