Lord Christ, We bring to you the world of children. We bring their natural openness and friendliness, their sense of enquiry and creativity.  Forgive our readiness to classify and divide, to label and separate. Forgive our voices of experiences, and our demand for their conformity. Help us to understand and encourage them, that their spirits may be lifted, their imaginations quickened, and their vision broadened, for your world sake. J Dickson Pope

On behalf of our school community we welcome you to explore our site and learn more about our fabulous school.

St Francis School provides a dynamic, student-centred approach to education for children living in and around the Nathalia area.

From our foundation in 1961 by the Missionaries of the Divine Motherhood, St Francis School has provided an education, which has at its heart the Franciscan values of peace and joy, justice, integrity and respect for all creation. With a focus on the development of the whole person: intellectual, spiritual, social, physical and emotional development, St Francis School seeks to create an environment, which enhances learning, nurtures young people and empowers them to live the Catholic faith in the spirit of Jesus Christ.

St Francis School is committed to providing our young people, our future, with exemplary educational experiences and opportunities that foster their many and diverse gifts and talents and meet their many and diverse developmental needs.

In meeting this challenge, we seek to engage all children in developing a hunger for the learning journey through our commitment to:

  • High expectations that promote learning and responsibility;
  • Learning which caters for the uniqueness and giftedness of the whole person;
  • Each person having an innate and continual capacity to learn;
  • Ensure learning is meaningful, purposeful and relevant to our lives;

and most importantly,

  • Maintaining close relationships between students, teachers, parents and parish community.