St Francis School Advisory Council Members

We thank you for your support of our School Advisory Council and look forward to sharing progress reports with you as we move through the school year.


The primary purpose of the School Advisory Council is to establish, monitor and implement the School Improvement Plan and for leading the change process to achieve improve outcomes for the students and the wider School Community.

2021 School Advisory Council Members: 

Our School Advisory Council members for 2021 are: Fr. Michael Grace (Parish Priest), Corina McLeod  (Board Chair), Matt Knight, Veronica Williams, Liam Bourke, Michele Cavallaro, Kylie Botterill, Dianne Flynn, Paula Rudd & Steven Caldwell.

Role of Parent Members

  • To participate in collaborative decision making and assist in the development of strategies.
  • To actively participate in the formulation, introduction and review of school policies and procedures.
  • Provide strategic support to the Principal.
  • To ensure the School remains a safe, healthy and happy place for the students.

Personal Requirements & Experience

  • No formal qualifications are required for the position.
  • Good communication skills to enable effective interaction between School Advisory Council members, teaching staff, parents and the wider School Community.
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality.
  • Self-motivated and willing to contribute within a team environment.
  • A willingness to develop an understanding of issues confronting schools.

Length of Term & Meeting Schedule

  • Parent Representatives are elected to the School Advisory Council for three years.

Meetings are held on nominated dates outlined at the start of the school year.  All meetings begin at 6:30pm.  For more information about the role of School Advisory Council Members, please see our School Constitution.

School Advisory Council Terms of Reference