Middle School Learning Community

The early and middle primary school years fro children are times when brain development is most active. At this time, all children’s experiences – physical, cognitive, linguistic, religious, spiritual, creative, social and emotional – are critical, as they impact on later outcomes in life.

Inquiry-Based Personalised Learning

At St Francis our middle school area is embracing learning and teaching built around an inquiry learning approach which encourages children to ask key questions and for investigation throughout key learning areas.

Within our middle school learning community you can expect to see children:

  • asking questions, building on prior knowledge and making their own discoveries.
  • finding out information from different sources to answer different questions and develop deep conceptual understandings.
  • making connections between ideas, key learning areas and experiences.
  • Through an within an inquiry approach to learning our middle school teachers consider the connections across learning areas, as well as the way that individual students learn. This allows learning to be more relevant, as concepts are learned in context and relate to existing knowledge. Inquiry learning provides students with an understanding behind learnings and links us as a school to the wider community.